About Us

Screen Science designs and manufactures high performance LED fibre optic star panels and related lighting technologies for home theatre and commercial venues at very realistic prices. 

Our new [email protected] Star Ceiling panels are a patented, modular, easily installed star ceiling system providing a striking starfield effect that will turn your home theatre, bathroom, nightclub or just about any room into an magical venue.

ScreenScience’s [email protected] technology is a patented, modular, low power and simple-to-install star ceiling system providing a striking visual effect that can turn your home theatre, night club or just about any space into an unforgettable venue for a surprisingly small outlay.

In addition to being inexpensive to buy and install, [email protected] is affordable to operate and maintain. The use of solid-state LED and optical fibre technology provides gentle, ultra-long life illumination with negligible power consumption. Our prefabricated [email protected] ceiling panels come ready to use and are extremely easy to install. Simply screw the panels into your existing plaster ceiling or drop into a 1200mm x 600mm grid ceiling.

The truly standout feature of [email protected] Star Ceilings is its electrostatically attached flock velour coating. The panel surface is coated in a black flock velour micro fibre that has no reflected light and acts as an excellent sound damping surface.

Patented technology

The leading edge of science and special effects to your home.

low power

Low power LED technology.

Simple installation

Install it yourself or get it installed by our team.

Modular design

1200 x 600mm panels which can be put into any configuration. 

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