Our standard Sky@Night Star Ceiling panels are 600mm x 1200mm and are just 20mm deep. Panels can also be custom cut to any size needed.

Each standard Sky@Night panel has 20 fibre optic stars (30 per s/m) on our unique flock velour surface.

Our Sky@Night Static panels have 20 Static ‘stars’ which are either on or off and can be controlled via a light switch, Smart wifi plug or home automation system. The twinkle panel offers an additional ‘star’ array which twinkles randomly and is controlled by a small PCB controller on the back of the board. 

Sky@Night panels attach directly to your existing ceiling or wall using our flock coated screws that disappear into the panel. These are included in every Sky@Night panel purchase. 

In a room with reasonable light control, as in most home theatres, the joints are not visible.

The only time joints are visible is where a lot of natural light is present through large picture windows with the curtains opened. In this instance some fibre nap variation may also be apparent.

Utilising LED technology, each panel only draws 3 watts of power.  Up to 50 panels can be powered by one small 5v, 1.2A power supply. 

No. A feature in the centre of the room can look great. We can also include a hidden LED light strip around the perimeter. See examples in the gallery.

Sky@Night Star Panels are fabricated using a rigid, very lightweight polymer board. Each panel (1200X600mm) weighs less than 1Kg.

Yes, we can customise the star field pattern and population to your liking.

We have been manufacturing Sky@Night  Star Panels for 14 years and have not had a LED fail I that time.

All you need is a half good handyman with a ladder and a screwdriver. We can also recommend installers around Australia. The installation guide is available here.

Yes. Simply cut the same size hole as you would in a plaster ceiling in our panel and refit the piece. We also offer a low price flocking service for speaker grills, air con vents and light fittings to make them disappear into the ceiling. 

All Sky@Night panels come with a suitable power supply, flock coated install screws, install pads and a roll of our flock coated tape to help finish off your install. 

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